The chiropractic approach entails that the spinal column plays a central and crucial roll has in your daily health and wellbeing. The spinal cord and peripheral nervous system communicate messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. Problems with the spinal column can lead to impairment of the nervous system and eventually to “communication problems”. Therefore, neglect of your spinal column can lead to all sorts of problems, not only in the neck and the back but through the whole body. The chiropractor relieves the communication problems of the nervous system by correcting disfunction of individual vertebra in the spinal column. A chiropractor has a university level education which allows him to independently diagnose and treat. The chiropractor is educated to make use of radiological, orthopodics, neurological, and chiropractic physical examinations.

Reasons to be treated at Dijkstra Chiropractic:

You have health problems or pain
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Holistic care
You don’t want to take medicines or want to avoid surgery and choose for a more natural approach to beter health.

You have a physical job. You have a stressfull job. You’ve been treated by a physiotherapist or chiropractor in the past and would like to prevent new aches and pains.

Feel Better
You’re stressed at home or at work or you feel tired. You want a more energetic and healthy life.

You engage in sport and an amateur or professional level and have injuries (chronic or acute)and would like to increase or beter you performance.