Athletes are precariously balanced between the rush of top performance and the low of injuries. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or top athlete you still run the risk of injury if your locomotory system isn’t in balance and your nervous system isn’t working optimally. Chiropractic care is a secret weapon a lot of top athletes use to prevent injury by helping them fine tune themselves. Sometimes rest and physiotherapy simply aren’t enough to stop that chronic injury from returning. Many famous athletes (like Michael Jordan) are treated before and after games to prevent injury and to speed recovery. Dijkstra Chiropractic can help for problems such as bursitis, tendonitis, sprained joints, golf and tennis elbows, and chronic pulled muscles (such as hamstring or groin pulls).

Luke Dijkstra has studied extensively to provide the latest treatment techniques for athletes and their injuries. He has wide-ranging experience treating a variety of sports injuries from tennis and football to rugby and cycling. He is aware of the special pressures that are unique to athletes, and fully understands how his treatments fit in the overall health care program all athletes require.